California Shark Diving is a world-class shark diving charter that provides guests top of the line, safe shark diving bring guests face to face with sharks that are native to California and the eastern Pacific Ocean. Due to the cool water and rich food stocks, the waters off of California have a large variety and numbers of pelagic shark species. At California Shark Diving, our team of shark experts put their decades of experience to work to safely bring guests within arm's reach of some of the ocean's most powerful predators. Our team has been diving with sharks in different locations around the world for over a decade and have refined the diving experience for guests to ensure safety, comfort and unforgettable experiences in the open ocean. No matter if you're looking to see Californian sharks from the safety of the boat, or want to get in the water with sharks in the safety of a shark diving cage, our team provides everything necessary for an memorable experience on the water. Our California Shark Diving and viewing excursions take place at some of the best shark grounds on the West Coast. We normally encounter favorable weather and love finding rare and exciting species to show our guests. Check out California Shark Diving to see how your shark diving dreams in California can come true.



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