Shark Viewing Trips:

Once the crew is on the boat we head out just a few miles to one of our shark grounds.  It usually takes under a half hour to get to these locations.  When we reach our destination we anchor up and begin chumming for sharks.  Our locations are usually close to land and in shallow water allowing us to see sharks as they come to our baits.  It usually takes anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour for sharks to show up.  Once sharks surround the boat we deploy several hook-less baits the sharks follow right to the boat for you to see up close.  It is also possible to "wrangle" sharks right next to the boat as they go for our bait-lines.  These trips take place relatively close to shore making it easy run to and from the dock.

Shark Diving Trips:

Once the crew is on the boat we head out on a 5 to 20 mile ride to the dive site. It only takes about an hour of cruise time to get to the shark grounds.  After the chum slick is started the sharks show up relatively quickly. It usually takes about ten minutes to an hour for them to show up. Once the sharks are around the boat they are ready to feed and take what they can from around the boat. From here it's time to get ready to dive and as we lower the cage into the water everybody gets suited up. When the divers are ready they make their way to the cage which is safely secured right next to the boat.

One quick jump or a few steps down from the boat and the divers are safely in the cage free to watch as the sharks swim around the boat. For those that need a reality check it is impossible for these sharks to get into the cage and you are 100% safe. Our operation is designed with safety and functionality as the number one aspect.

After the divers get used to the routine they can get in and out of the cage as much as they want throughout the day. There is no greater way to spend the day than to be out on the water safely watching one of wilds greatest predators. If you have any questions at all about the dive feel free to email or call us with any questions you have.

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