Shark Viewing Trips are designed for families and groups of people that want to go out and see sharks in the wild without getting in the water or spending the whole day on the boat. These trips get you up close and personal with the sharks of the the Florida Keys just minutes from the dock and in the calm waters of the coastal Atlantic. For shark viewing trips we offer morning and afternoon trips with the option of a full day charter. This trip is a great way to spend half the day on the water and get to see one of natures greatest predators at work. Once we reach the shark grounds just a short boat ride from the dock we lower bait lines into the water for sharks to feed on. It doesn't take long for sharks to show up and provide you an up close and personal encounter and enough time to get as many pictures and video as you can.

There is no diving on these trips and everybody gets to watch the sharks from the safety of the boat. It is also possible for guests to "wrangle" sharks on this trip as they attack the bait lines next to the boat. Aside from sharks you get he chance to see dolphins and other wildlife along with the scenery of the Florida Keys. This is a great trip for those looking to spend a few hours of adventure watching sharks in the waters of the Keys. Shark watching trips are perfect for families and groups along with individuals.

Trip Times: 9am - 1pm and 2pm - 6pm

Trip Costs:
 $95 per person.  Up to 6 total guests.

Sharks Seen:  
Lemon, Bull, Blacktip, Hammerhead, Tiger

You can also contact us for shark charters in the Florida Keys.

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