Bahamas Shark Trips

Join us for a Custom Shark Diving Adventure in the Bahamas

In addition to our shark viewing/diving trips in the Florida Keys we offer custom trips to all the Bahamas top shark diving and cruising destinations.  For more information about these trips please call or email us directly.
Main custom Bahamas shark diving trips locations include: – Tiger Beach, West End Bahamas (Tiger Sharks) – Cat Island  (Oceanic White Tip Sharks) – Bimini (Great Hammerhead, Bull Sharks) – Nassau/Grand Bahamas (Reef Sharks) *Many other sharks are scene but these are the target sharks at each location
An image of sharks in the ocean on a Keys Shark Diving adventure.
An image of a tiger shark on a keys shark diving adventure of the Florida Keys.
An image of a lemon shark in the waters of the Florida Keys.
An image of a dusky shark in a school of yellotail snapper off the florida keys.

Come Dive with Us in the Bahamas!

The Bahamas offers some of the most pristine shark diving in the entire world.  Within the islands of the Bahamas, numerous destinations offer top of the line shark diving with perfect conditions and a wide variety of shark species. While this variety provides divers with a look at many different types of sharks, the Bahamas also offer large numbers of sharks in the top dive locations, making your dive experience completely unforgettable. During a shark dive in the Bahamas, it is not uncommon to see dozens of powerful shark species on display, usually with absolutely gorgeous diving conditions. 

Whether you are a recreational or professional diver, the Bahamas offers an unbelievably exclusive shark diving experience that few ever get to experience.  Because the Bahamas protects sharks, the top dive locations offer an unforgettable experience for any level of diver, often held in the most pristine weather conditions, creating one of the best shark diving locations in the world.  Diving locations like Tiger Beach, Bull Run, and Tuna Alley have become legendary dive sites among shark divers worldwide.

At Keys Shark Diving, our custom Bahamas shark diving adventures are built around you, putting all of our resources to work to make your shark diving adventure to the islands of the Bahamas a completely unforgettable adventure.