Our Boat

Keys Shark Diving features a 2001 36′ Northern Bay Downeast for all of our shark charter services.  Northern Bay boats are considered a top of the line downeast boat custom built in Maine.  The Nothern Bay Downeast is a stable, comfortable boat that was custom built for absolute comfort and security of our charter guests.

The Northern Bay 36 foot provides comfortable seating for up to 6 guests on board.  Built to handle the toughest of Florida’s normal weather conditions, the Northern Bay is sure to provide a comfortable excursion for our guests in almost any condition.  Florida Keys Shark Diving boats are outfitted with all the required United States Coast Guard required gear including Radar, GPS, Switlik Liferaft, and all Coast Guard issued Safety equipment.

An image of a shark in the water with a Keys Shark Diving boat above the surface.

Our Shark Cage

Our shark cage was designed by famous marine engineer Eddie Paul. Designed with 360 degree views from anywhere within the cage, divers can enjoy a shark experience comfortably with maximum strength and functionality a cornerstone of each cage dive. The Keys Shark Diving shark cage is eight feet tall and four feet wide. Used by a maximum of two divers at once, shark diving participants are treated to impressive shark views and encounters all from the maximum-security that the dive cage provides to our charter guests.

During our shark diving charters, the shark cage is tethered to the boat with simple access into and out of the water with ease. Enjoy getting into and out of our shark diving cage easily and rest assured that our proprietary cage technology is designed and built specifically to target shark diving in Florida. Shark proof diving for a completely unforgettable shark diving experience in the Florida Keys.

Dive Gear

Our wet suits are all top brands and are available from sizes medium through XXL. 

We also provide all masks, snorkels, and fins needed, along with any hats or gloves you may need.  Weight belts will be given to those who wish to have them.

If you have you own gear feel free to bring it aboard to use.

You do not have to be Scuba Diving Certified

All diving is on Snorkel


An image of divers in the water on board a Florida Keys Shark Diving trip.